Best Western Teams Up With Altinet and Improves Their Data Recovery Time By 75%

Best Western Great Britain was established in the UK in 1978 and is now the largest collection of independently owned and family run hotels in Great Britain.

A retained profit and membership association, Best Western Great Britain has over 260 independently owned and operated hotels who benefit from centralised purchasing, IT infrastructure management, sales and marketing support for being part of the hotel brand.

  • 50+ servers at Head Office
  • 10TB raw data
  • Lack of protection and retention for data
  • Using tapes for backup

Barracuda Backup

  • Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • Fast Data Recovery
  • Streamlines Backup for Storage Efficiency
  • Fast Response Technical Support
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Risk of Losing Business Continuity

Michael Craven is the Infrastructure and Support Manager at Interchange and Consort Hotels, parent company of Best Western Great Britain and sister organisation Beacon. He is in charge of the network and operation of 50+ servers at their Head Office for Central Services in York. The company commissioned a large disaster recovery project that, amongst other issues, identified the need for better protection and retention of their data. As all the data was backed up on tapes, the loss of the building in case of any disaster would mean losing business critical marketing and financial data such as booking histories for Best Western hotels in Great Britain.

Michael explains: “We have been using Symantec Backup Exec and traditional tapes on a monthly rotation basis but we knew there was a risk as we could only back up critical data, not to mention that data restoration took up a considerable amount of time for our team.”

Restoring data now takes a quarter of the original time, especially when restoring advanced SQL database.

Michael Craven, Infrastructure Support Manager Best Western Great Britain & Beacon


Extended Proof of Concept

Michael’s team initially tested a Barracuda Backup 490 during a one month trial. Whilst they loved how user friendly and easy to navigate Barracuda Backup is, they realised that they had in excess of 10TB of data and needed a larger device. “We really appreciated Altinet’s flexibility to meet our needs as our requirements kept on changing,” adds Michael. “Their technical knowledge is excellent and their support to help us prepare proposals for our board of directors was crucial. Altinet allowed us to extend the trial by an additional two months and supported us throughout until we settled on Barracuda Backup 890.”

Need for Reliable Tape Backup

Michael started to look for a solution that would deliver easy data replication to the Cloud to ensure better data retention and management. Working with Altinet’s team of IT security and storage specialists, they narrowed the search to Barracuda’s Backup solution. Henry Doyle, Altinet’s Director in charge of the project comments: “It was very clear to us that to help safeguard Best Western Great Britain’s data, Barracuda’s solution ticked all the boxes. It provides UK based offsite Cloud storage, streamlines backup for storage efficiency and delivers fast data recovery.”

Tangible Time & Cost Savings

Barracuda’s Backup has been in full production since January 2016 and Michael and his team are clearly delighted with the results they have achieved so far: “All it takes now to get the VMware environment backups running is a couple of clicks. The solution is customisable and we can look at all data at a granular level and decide what data and when we want to back up - something we were unable to do before. The most impressive thing is that restoring data now takes a quarter of the original time, especially when restoring advanced SQL databases.”

The initial contract runs for three years, with Altinet’s flexible annual pricing plan to meet the client’s budgetary requirements. Michael Craven comments: “I am very pleased to say that we have found a reliable partner in Altinet. Their team is very friendly and personable, but most importantly they understand our business needs. I am looking forward to working with them on joint future projects including upgrading our firewalls and exploring bespoke IT packages for our collection of hotels.”

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