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Email encryption is used to ensure that only the intended recipient is able to access the email and any attachments.

Traditionally, deploying email encryption services has been a complex process, and usually requires the sender and recipient to exchange their encryption keys prior to sending and receiving emails. Both of these factors severely limit the usefulness and  adoption of secure practices for exchanging email, pushing many users to bypass their organisation's policies, potentially exposing sensitive data. 

With Altinet, email encryption is made simple yet secure, available as a feature in both the Email Security Gateway and the Altinet Managed Email Security Service. Bothservices provide secure, cloudbased outbound email encryption, with multiple policies available that allow administrators to specify exactly which outbound emails to encrypt. Emails that match policy can then be sent securely (via TLS) to the Altinet Message Center.

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Key Features

Key Management

The Altinet Message Center utilizes Advanced Encryption Service with a 256-bit cipher, commonly known as AES-256. The first time an email is received for a recipient, a unique key is generated. Emails - including attachments - are encrypted using the recipient’s key.

Recipient Interaction

After the process of encryption is complete, a separate notification email containing a link to log into the Altinet Message Center is sent to the recipient. Once recipients are logged in, they are able to view all encrypted messages that are sent to them. Recipients are able to reply to the email or download the email to store on their computer. Any replies are also sent via the Altinet Message Center to ensure security.

Security of Data and Keys

All keys and encrypted content are securely held in the Altinet Message Center. State-of-the-art data centres ensure physical security of everything while strict access control ensures that only authorized personnel have access to the Altinet Message Center. As an additional measure of security, the data centres and the keys used to encrypt the data are stored in separate areas.

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