Many organisations already have email security solutions in place - yet 80% of all cyber attacks still start
with an email, making it the most prevalent attack vector by far.

Altinet's Office 365 Threat Analysis Service is designed to give you full visibility of your Office 365 environment and any threats that may currently be in your network. The easy-to-set-up process analyses your user inboxes to detect email threats that may have bypassed existing email security solutions, as well as key risk areas that are highlighted through a personalised, comprehensive report.


Don't guess how many of these dormant threats are in your inboxes - find out for sure.




Key Points of Focus

These three risk areas are the main focus throughout the process of scanning user inboxes and reporting results.

Fraudulent Emails

Find spear phishing, account takeover, business email compromise, impersonation, and other cyber fraud attacks that impersonate trusted senders and are designed to trick employees into clicking on a malicious link, sharing confidential information, or even wiring money to the attacker.

Examples of fraudulent emails discovered throughout the analysis are provided in the report summary, including details on how the threat was detected - e.g. sender address and links don't match those previously used by the company - the intention behind it, and the potential impact if the threat had not been removed.

Employees at Risk 

Being able to identify high-risk employees who are more likely to be targeted by spear phishing and business email compromise attacks is essential to position yourself one step ahead of potential attacks.

These insights are achieved with the Threat Analysis Service by providing data on both the top recipients of fraudulent emails; allowing you to see who is being targeted most frequently on both an individual and department level, as well as the most impersonated senders; displaying who's personal details are involved in the highest number of business email compromise campaigns. 

Domains at Risk

When domains are not protected through DMARC reporting they can be spoofed and used to send out phishing and spam campaigns, damaging the reputation and trust that third parties have in the business' communications.

The analysis summary report provides a list of all company domains that are vulnerable to this kind of fraud - which is especially beneficial to enterprise companies managing numerous domains - as well as advice from our technical experts on how to improve future defences in this area. 

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