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Barracuda Essentials provides critical multi-layer security, archiving, and backup for Office 365, allowing organisations to prepare, migrate and operate faster, safer, and more efficiently. With complete protection of email, data, and cloud infrastructures, Barracuda Essentials gives our customers peace of mind.
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Datasheet: Barracuda Essentials for Office 365

Email Security

Barracuda Essentials provides end-to-end protection of your business email. Inbound filtering protects against spam, viruses, and phishing attacks. Outbound filtering prevents data leakage and automatically encrypts sensitive data. Advanced Threat Protection blocks advanced zero-hour attacks. Cloud archiving ensures compliance with retention policies, and cloud backup protects you from accidental or malicious data deletion.


Advanced Threat Protection

Barracuda Essentials includes protection against advanced threats like Ransomware. It leverages a powerful, cloud-based micro-service that combines several layers of detection with increasingly sophisticated analysis that ensures rapid response to zero-hour attacks, as well as a global threat intelligence network that ingests diverse threat data across multiple threat vectors to provide real-time security.


Compliance & Archiving

Barracuda Essentials lets you set up email retention policies to ensure that important emails are safely archived to Barracuda’s cloud. In the event of litigation, you can put legal holds on emails to prevent tampering or removal until the hold expires. In response to regulatory audits, you can demonstrate adherence to retention and defensible deletion policies.


Backup & Recovery

Having a sound backup and point-in-time recovery strategy allows you to continue providing backup and recovery services in the event of accidental or malicious deletion or even recovering data in the event you are hit by a ransomware attack. Unlike solutions that use archiving as a substitute for backup, Barracuda Essentials is the only solution to provide a purpose-built backup and recovery service in addition to a comprehensive archiving service.



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