Altinet Managed Backup for Gmail and G Suite

Altinet’s Managed Backup for Gmail and G Suite is designed for the cloud to cloud backup of your Google accounts, including Gmail mailboxes, calendars, and contacts, as well as Google Drive Backup.


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Automated Backups

Encrypted, automated daily backups to secure cloud storage


100% accurate recovery using the same folders hierarchy

Deletion Control

Cut out accidental data loss with our deletion control feature

Local Downloads

Download backed up data from your account to any device when needed

Audit Logs

Real-time activity tracking allows for full


4 types of data migration from one Google account to another one

Version Control

Every version of your document is backed up, fully accessible and managed by our in-house experts

Fast Search

Fast, easy search for your backed-up items to help you recover lost data immediately


Why Backup G Suite?

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G Suite and Google Apps for organisations are convenient tools for a variety of needs. The storage that organisations consume is growing constantly. Original Google cloud backup tool works as a sync service. Altinet’s Managed cloud-to-cloud backup provides real backup servicing with version control and data deletion control. To protect your critical emails, documents, sheets, and other files from being permanently deleted by accident, hacker attack, or data folders or labels to back up from G Suite services, such as Google Drive, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, and Google Sites.





G Suite/Google Apps Data Loss Protection

Losing Data is stressful and financially challenging. Over 50% of data loss issues are the result of end-user mistakes, not to mention ransomware attacks that may infect your computer and cloud storage. Having a backup of your G Suite and Google Apps data protects your organisation from accidental data deletion, giving you peace of mind that the restoration of data can be done with just a click of a button from a separate backup.


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White Paper: Why You Need Backup for GSuite


Key Features

Backup and restore entire mailboxes, calendars, and contacts.

Data is protected at rest with 265-bit AES encryption and white in transit using SSL encryption.

Backup and restore everything stored in Google Drive or select specific files and folders.

Specify the length of time each item stays in the cloud.

Backup and restore everything stored in Google Team Drives or select specific files and folders.