Complete Website & Application Security Does Not Have To Be Complicated.


Web applications are connected directly to your business and customer data. Attackers know this and have become increasingly clever with their attempts to bring down or compromise websites and apps. These attacks can be prevented, but organisations often struggle to implement a robust web application security posture due to several challenges:

  • Application security is complicated to deploy and manage without specialised resources.
  • Continuous updates to applications can lead to new vulnerabilities.
  • Legacy applications were developed without secure coding practices.


Why WAF-as-a-Service?

Website Protection

The Web Application Firewall defeats today's most sophisticated, complex threats with advanced inspection capabilities that do not impact throughput. It improves overall app performance with built-in application delivery features including SSL offloading, load balancing, and content caching. Protect against all OWASP-listed attacks, including the “top 10” (SQL Injection, cross-site scripting, CSRF, etc.), and recent additions such as API protection. 


Application Security

Remove the complexity of setting up and configuring your application security solution. The WAF-as-a-Service Solution delivers protection for your web apps in minutes thanks to a simple 5-step setup wizard, and numerous pre-built security policy templates.


Unlimited Rulesets

For more advanced users, the WAF-as-a-Service offers a level of control traditionally reserved only for on-premises and public cloud solutions. Fine-tune specific policies for each component of every application's security profile.



Solution Brief:

WAF-as-a-Service Protects Against the
Top 10 Biggest Web Site ThreatsWAF top 10 threats]

Forrester estimates that more than 67 percent of Internet vulnerabilities happen at the application layer.

Typical web-based attacks can include: SQL Injections, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), website defacements, theft of personal information, Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, bot infection, or a combination of malicious behaviours.

Get your copy of the Solution Brief and see how WAF-as-a-Service can defend against these common application threats.

Solution Brief