Barracuda's CG Firewall - the Simple Solution to a Variety of Network Challenges


  • New Directions
  • Specialist recruitment services
  • 1 central office with 10 remote offices
  • 198 users

New Directions is a group of companies offering specialist recruitment services to key employment sectors - these sectors include education, social care, pharmaceutical, and commercial.

The company has been in operation since 1994, with a head office located in Cardiff and 10 remote offices spread across England and Wales.

New Directions' old broadband connection set up was not advanced enough to support their dispersed network to an effective degree, leaving them with a variety of connectivity and security issues:
  • No visibility of traffic or bandwidth used between sites
  • No way to analyse traffic to identify bottlenecks
  • No easy method for failover in case of circuit failure
  • Need for more advanced threat protection
  • Need for better security on the edge of the network

Barracuda Cloud Generation Firewall

  • Web Filtering
  • Remote Access
  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Intrusion Prevention System


Overly-Complex yet Under-Performing Configuration

New Directions had implemented multiple solutions to improve the management, connectivity, and most importantly the security of their dispersed network, which is made up of 10 offices across England and Wales. These solutions included business-grade Fibre broadband circuits which were put in place to run Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and SIP telephony from their head office, as well as IPSEC VPN tunnels and Bitnec routers for connectivity. 

The problems New Directions were facing with this configuration covered various areas, such as the management of traffic which, at the time, didn't allow for visibility of traffic and bandwidth usage between sites, analysing traffic by application to identify bottlenecks, or traffic prioritisation for VoIP and video.

On top of this were security concerns as their set-up lacked a straightforward method for failover in case of circuit failure within their head office, had no advanced threat protection for host systems in remote offices or the ability to enforce global rules for threat detection and web filtering, and generally required improved security for the network edge.



White Paper
White Paper: Secure Remote Access with CloudGen Firewalls



Complete Resolution with a Single Appliance

Altinet worked with New Directions to replace their Bitnec routers with Barracuda Cloud Generation Firewalls, which was chosen by the team due to its range of services, allowing them to address all of their problems with a single solution. The CG Firewall completely replaced the team's old web filtering solution and remote access server, as well as providing TINA VPN tunnels between branches and Cudalaunch to create easy VPN access for remote workers with minimal effort and no configuration on end user systems. 

"We have improved all aspects of edge network security, office connectivity, threat detection, web filtering,
remote access, QOS and traffic inspection."

New Directions also improved their overall security through the introduction of Barracuda's Virus Scanner, Advanced Threat Protection, and Intrusion Prevention System.



The CG Firewall has improved the service we provide to our end users and remote workers in particular.

We have had no security issues since we implemented this solution and have saved countless man hours where we used to have to work out why a connection was slow or failing

Alan Griffiths, Group IT Manager New Directions



Expert Technical Support

The installation and configuration of New Directions' new firewall was completed by Altinet, with this initial process lasting a "surprisingly quick" 2 month from start to finish. As well as set-up, Altinet's in-house technical expertise and thorough understanding of the Barracuda platform allow New Directions to have a quick but knowledgeable point of contact for any issues that may arise down the road.  

"I would recommend Barracuda CG Firewalls as excellent firewalls and Altinet as a service provider/reseller,"
commented Griffiths, even adding,
"We did initially buy a Barracuda firewall off another reseller but they lacked the technical expertise to
implement the solution as required - luckily we found Altinet."



White Paper
White Paper: Comprehensive Security for the Network Perimeter & Beyond




More on the Cloud Generation Firewall

Sitting at the forefront of your network, our Firewall solutions are an essential part of your protection against threats.


Today's SMBs heavily depend on the productivity 
benefits of collaborative web applications hosted
in the cloud, but using applications safely requires
a cloud generation firewall that combines security,
application control, always-on connectivity and

Key Features:

  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • SSL Inspection
  • Web Filtering
  • Malware Protection
  • Secure Remote Access