Systems Manager Brings Altinet Managed Security Service to New Role


Playtonic Games is a British independent video game developer and producer, with a portfolio of games developed for PC, Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox systems.

  • High volume of email attacks
  • Impersonation attacks on new employees
  • Need for Microsoft 365 data backup

Barracuda Total Email Protection

  • Inbound & Outbound Spam Filtering
  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • User Awareness Training
  • Cloud Data Protection
  • Forensics and Incident Response

Impersonation Challenges

As the Systems Manager for an internationally-recognised game developer, Tim Hill was tasked with ensuring that Playtonic Games' employees and intellectual property were suitably protected from malicious cyber actors.


Playtonic were suffering with an influx of various inbound email attacks. Impersonation attacks were a particular concern - hackers were pretending to be the company directors in an attempt to manipulate new employees. Social engineering threats can be just as difficult for people to spot as they are for email gateways to detect, which has made phishing attacks such a concern for IT professionals over the years.


Further, Tim was in search of a backup solution to secure Playtonic's Microsoft 365 data. Microsoft itself does not securely back up user data, and recommend that third-party data backup is implemented. In case of accidental deletion or any other kind of disaster, backup is essential for data recovery. Particularly with video game design, a system breakdown can be catastrophic - causing weeks worth of work to be erased. Addressing these concerns is where Tim's previous relationship with Altinet came in handy.

The speed and quality of support was a key factor in the decision to work with Altinet again.

Tim Hill
Systems Manager, Playtonic Games

Total Email Protection - The Right Fit

For Playtonic Games' security, the perfect solution needed both highly capable technology and support behind it. Tim had worked with Altinet and Barracuda products in a previous role meaning he knew who to call when it came time to improve Playtonic's security posture.


Together, Tim worked with Altinet to decide that Barracuda Total Email Protection for Microsoft 365 was the most suitable solution for their requirements. Barracuda Total Email Protection is one product made up of multiple solutions that combine to cover all areas of inbound email security. Crucially, it includes a layer of impersonation protection that directly addresses one of Tim's key concerns. It also features Barracuda's industry-leading Cloud-to-Cloud Backup service.


"We've now got confidence that there's a better backup of our data in 365," said Tim. "We also have much better visibility of email threats and we're better equipped to take appropriate action."


With Total Email Protection in place, Tim can now be assured that any impersonation attacks directed at the Playtonic Games team will be stopped long before they can cause any harm. And in any case - their cloud-to-cloud backup deployment will provide quick and easy remote access to any essential data in case of accidental deletion or disasters.

Service & Support

As an MSP, our technical support offering is vital to providing Altinet customers with the best service possible. "The speed and quality of support was a key factor in the decision to work with Altinet again," said Tim. "The main implementation was done in a few hours and some refinements were made on a follow up session."


Tim was happy with his solutions and his communication with Altinet's team as well. "I worked closely with the Technical team who were excellent at following up on queries and providing technical support." Tim said. "Both of my main points of contact have been fantastic to work with and were very helpful through every step of the process from the initial conversation about the solution to implementation and ongoing support and assistance."


Moving forward, this communication and support will continue while Tim and the rest of the Playtonic team can continue their work without having to worry about email threats.


Barracuda Total Email Protection

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Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup provides easy-to-use SaaS backup for your Microsoft 365 data, including Teams, Exchange Online, SharePoint and OneDrive, including OneNote, with unlimited storage and retention.