Altinet Delivers Automated Security to Enterprising Charity


  • Young Enterprise Scotland
  • Charity for empowering & educating Scotland's young entrepreneurs
  • Established in 1992
  • Based in Glasgow

Young Enterprise Scotland was established in Glasgow in 1992, with a mission to inspire and equip young people - irrespective of their background - to learn, develop and reach their full potential through enterprise and financial education.

The charity's vision is that Scotland can be a place where all young people are given the opportunity to have a rewarding future in work and life - no matter where they start their journey. YES offers a wide variety of education programmes suitable for all ages.

  • Small scale organisation
  • Handling of young people's confidential information
  • Uncertain data integrity
  • No IT security specialist staff
Barracuda Threat Prevention
  • Phishing & Impersonation Protection
  • Account Takeover Protection
  • Domain Fraud Protection


Barracuda Incident Response
  • Automatic Remediation
  • Threat Hunting and Response
  • Automated Workflows
  • SIEM/SOAR/XDR Integration

Uncertain Data Integrity

The importance of protecting confidential and sensitive data is a key concern for all organisations, and this is especially true for young people's charities. For Geoff Leask, CEO of Young Enterprise Scotland, building this security into his operations was a top priority. As a small organisation, with only 25 users on their network, Young Enterprise Scotland had never implemented any substantial email protection, and felt that their Office 365 data integrity was not strong enough to meet their requirements.

'As a small charity working with young people and volunteers, it is vital that we ensure our data integrity is strong and that we can trust our systems to be as secure as they can' said Geoff.

Knowing the importance of data security with personal information, and without an internal IT team of their own, Young Enterprise Scotland required a solution that was both effective and easy-to-use. During YES's Cyber Essentials Plus review, their IT services provider Arrow referred Geoff to Altinet's cyber security experts.


Added Level of Security

Following an initial consultation, Altinet were able to recommend the most suitable security solutions to meet YES's individual requirements. It was quickly established that the most important factor for Geoff and the YES team was to have a solution that they could trust to operate autonomously, without needing constant attention and resources. Further, without an in-house IT team of their own, knowing there was a point of contact within Altinet whom could address any issues and offer advice was crucial.


Together, Altinet and the YES team consolidated on a combination of solutions from the Barracuda Email Protection range: Threat Prevention (formerly Sentinel), and Incident Response (formerly Forensics). These solutions would work in tandem to help secure YES's mailboxes and keep email-borne threats from accessing their confidential data.


Barracuda Threat Prevention's unique API-based architecture enables its AI engine to detect anomalies in email behaviour, giving real-time defence against business email compromise (BEC), plus protection against account takeover and insider risk. Meanwhile, the Incident Response solution works automatically to identify the nature and scope of any inbound email attacks, immediately eliminate malicious emails, and carry out remediation actions rapidly to halt the attacker's progress and minimise damages.

'The implementation process has been a seamless one [...] the service offering, the hand holding, and phased support altogether has enabled our key personnel to understand and evaluate the system.'

Geoff Leask, Chief Executive Young Enterprise Scotland

YE Regional Scotland iso sqaure

Seamless and Simple

Following the installation, the YES team enjoyed three training sessions that addressed their key concerns - data security and email protection. Having a robust and easy-to-use solutions in place now means that the YES team can continue their important work with educating young people in business & finance, confident that Barracuda's autonomous technologies are keeping their email and data protected.

'The implementation process has been a seamless one,' said Geoff. 'The service offering, the hand holding, and phased support altogether has enabled our key personnel to understand and evaluate the system.'


About Barracuda Email Protection

Barracuda Email Protection is comprised of a number of distinct email protection solutions - that detect threats that traditional email security systems can’t, integrating directly with Microsoft Office 365 APIs to detect attacks coming from both internal and external sources. Using artificial intelligence, Barracuda's threat prevention solutions can detect signs of malicious intent and deception within every email with virtually no IT administration required.

  • Real-time defence against Phishing and Impersonation Attacks
    Barracuda Phishing & Impersonation Protection unique API-based architecture lets its AI engine study historical email and learn users’ unique communication patterns. It can then identify anomalies in message metadata and content, to find and block socially engineered attacks in real time.
  • Protection against Account Takeover and Insider Risk
    Barracuda Account Takeover Protection stops phishing attacks used to harvest credentials for account takeover. It detects anomalous email behaviour and alerts IT, then finds and removes all fraud emails sent from compromised accounts.
  • Automatic Incident Response
    Barracuda Incident Response automates your entire incident response process, with public APIs that allow you to integrate response data with your SIEM/SOAR/XDR platforms to streamline operations and further preserve IT resources. Limit damage and deliver company-wide security awareness training to prevent future incidents.