Altinet Help Chorley and District Building Society Secure Emails


  • Chorley and District Building Society
  • Located in Lancashire
  • 50 staff members

Chorley and District Building Society is the oldest Building Society in Lancashire. It became established on the 7th March 1859 and was originally called The Chorley Permanent Benefit Building Society. It was created to help mill workers buy their homes.

The name officially became The Chorley and District Building Society on the 6th of February 1933. The Society now has over 37,000 customers and assets in excess of £200 million. It currently operates from thee branches including the Head Office which offers full branch facilities including a ‘drive-through’ service and employs 50 members of staff.

  • Limited Security for Advanced Threats
  • Poor Functionality from Previous Solution
Altinet’s Email Security and Advanced Threat Detection, powered by Barracuda’s Email Security Gateway

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Protecting The Network Against APT's

Prior to speaking with Altinet, Chorley and District Building Society were using a BLOXX email filter. Whilst BLOXX had been rendered end of life, Mike Hume and his IT team identified the need for improved security capabilities to ensure any new attack vectors, such as zero day and malware attacks, were accounted for. The growing need for securing email as a business-critical application that is under increasing attack from sophisticated threats was something Mike and his team recognised as a necessity. Altinet spent time understanding the business requirements and worked in a consultative way to evaluate, install and manage a cutting-edge email security solution for the Building Society


"Altinet offer flexibility and understanding of the customer needs. Demonstrable value for money, with a functionally rich solution. They provided us with excellent implementation and continued technical support."

Mike Hume, Head of IT Chorley Building Society



Less Management, Improved Protection

Impressed with the Advanced Threat Detection feature to sandbox and detect zero day advanced threats, the proactive support our managed service solution offers and after a 14-day free evaluation, Chorley and District Building Society purchased Altinet’s Email Security Solution. The Managed Service enabled the Building Society to add an additional level of protection to prevent any new and advanced threats attacking their infrastructure.

Mike sees the Advanced Threat Detection as one of the main benefits of the Altinet Managed Email Security Solution, saying “This additional measure implemented with the solution proves an excellent additional level of protection to the Society with newer attack methods and vectors.” The Advanced Threat Detection offers protection against advanced malware, zero-day exploits and targeted attacks, which are not detected by traditional signature based antivirus engines or intrusion prevention systems

About Altinet Managed Email

Working with Altinet, Mike communicated a need for an Email Security solution that would not only work well with their current IT infrastructure, but also be affordable and easy to manage. Altinet’s fully managed Email security solution was the perfect fit for Mike and his team. Mike continued, “Altinet offered Flexibility and understanding of the customer needs and demonstrated clear value for money.”

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Altinet’s Managed Security Gateway is a cloud-based email security gateway that manages and filters all inbound and outbound email traffic to protect organizations from email-borne threats and data leaks. As a complete email management solution, partnered with Barracuda, the Email Security Gateway lets organisations encrypt messages and leverage the cloud to spool email if mail servers become unavailable.