Barracuda Backup Solution Safeguards The Glasgow Academy’s Data & Allows Remote Access


The Glasgow Academy was founded in 1845 and is a happily busy community providing a unique wealth of opportunities. They strive to nurture their young people, enabling them to develop confidence and spirit of can do’, will do’. They have high expectations and encourage them to work hard and to be the very best they can be.

They value their partnerships with parents and the family feel of their school. The academy is big enough to offer opportunities to all and to challenge even the exceptionally gifted, but small enough to be a really friendly and open community.

  • Insufficient Tape Backups
  • Growing Storage Needs
  • No Off-Site Storage 
  • Unreliable Backup Restoration 

Barracuda Backup

  • Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • Increase Disaster Recovery Infrastructure 
  • On-Demand File Sharing
  • Suitable Pricing Structure
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Unreliable Tape Backup

Prior to speaking with Altinet, The Glasgow Academy was using an Arcserve tape based backup solution. Over time they had outgrown the Arcserve product as their data estate grew to over 6TB. The restrictions on the tape backups were increasing and reliability was becoming a major issue. The need to access and restore data quickly and remotely was becoming a business requirement so the IT team had to look at alternative solutions.

Simple Solution With Cloud Control

Impressed with the functionality, the pricing structure and after a 30 day free evaluation to thoroughly test the solution, Mr Fowkes purchased the Barracuda Backup product. The solution enabled the school to reduce the risk of losing data and increase their Disaster Recovery (DR) infrastructure. 

Altinet have provided us with a Barracuda Backup Solution which enables us to backup to a secure cloud, based in the UK, without the worry of going over any defined limits.

Stephen Fowkes, Network Manager The Glasgow Academy


Mr Fowkes sees the cloud control as one of the main benefits of the Barracuda Backup solution, saying “We are able to access the systems from anywhere, recoveries have even been completed by myself while travelling for business on a train”. The added robustness through the cloud provided benefits which are beyond any traditional backup solution, including on-demand file sharing.

Worked With Altinet To Meet Budget Requirements

Altinet worked with The Glasgow Academy to provide them with a pricing structure which matched their internal budget system, whilst also enabling them to implement a best of breed solution. With the IT department’s budget allocated annually, Altinet offered a multi-year agreement with annual payments. This is something which has been adopted by multiple education establishments. With so much critical data at stake, The Glasgow Academy selected Barracuda Backup to house and store it’s data estate, as well as provide disaster recovery functionality for all data. They compared the cost of using tape versus purchasing Barracuda Backup and found that over a five year period, Barracuda Backup is more cost effective than the total cost of backing up data to tape

Barracuda Backup Solution 

Barracuda Backup is a complete cloud-integrated solution for protecting physical and virtual environments that includes software, appliance, and offsite replication. Barracuda Backup is simple to deploy, easy to manage, and offers unlimited cloud storage.

Once Mr Fowkes had been introduced to the Barracuda Backup solution from Altinet, the focus was on implementing a solution that met their specification. The Altinet Value-Add Process ensured the most efficient process was followed, which started with consultancy and finished with a successful full backup installation.

Mr Fowkes said that “From the start of the process until now Altinet have given me sound advice, been easy to work with and very approachable.”

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