Barracuda Backup Service Increases Reliability and Saves Time for The High School Of Glasgow

The independent school based in Glasgow follows a curriculum designed to challenge and stimulate pupils and to offer a broad, balanced education without excessive specialisation and to provide an academic framework which allows pupils to develop their individual strengths.

The aim of the school is to create a happy, caring and ordered community in which each individual can achieve his or her full potential both academically and socially.

  • Inefficient Tape Solution
  • Time Consuming Backup & Restore 
  • Increasing Number of Devices
  • Limited Storage

Barracuda Backup

  • Automatic Local and Offsite Data Backup
  • Fast Local Restore
  • Data Deduplication 
  • Affordable Monthly Offsite Storage Subscription
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Time Consuming Tape Backup

The High School Of Glasgow was using a Symantec Backup Exec and tape solution. They looked into backup alternatives due to the length of time it takes to backup their 4TB of data and subsequently the length of time it takes to restore files. Using their current tape system it could take up to 4 days for a complete backup to be finalised. With the ever increasing number of devices on the network these two key areas made them look into more efficient and reliable solutions.

Altinet have provided us with a Barracuda Backup Solution which reduces backup times, increases reliability and solidifies our disaster recovery infrastructure.

Thomas Makridis, Network Manager The High School of Glasgow


Deduplication Alongside Automatic Cloud Integration

Impressed with the functionality and the price point of the Barracuda Backup Solution, the school purchased the Barracuda 410 Appliance with Unlimited Cloud Storage. Mr. Makridis commented “The Barracuda Backup Box-Cloud Solution has provided us with enhanced disaster recovery and has given us piece of mind that this is now in the hands of an IT Security Vendor such as Barracuda”.

Mr. Makridis was impressed by the ability to modify data through deduplication as this enabled the school to reduce the total storage volume whilst maintaining the same data. “With over 1000 iPads now in use throughout the school the amount of data is constantly increasing, so therefore it was essential for us to implement a solution which reduced the overall amount of data without compromising on the protection that is gained through such a product.”

Fast, Knowledgeable & Experienced

Once Mr. Makridis had been introduced to the Barracuda Solution through the Altinet team the process was extremely efficient. “The team at Altinet knew that we were working to a tight time frame and throughout the process provided me with detailed product information and made the connection between ourselves and Barracuda seamless.”

The understanding of key requirements ensured that the right product was presented to them from the start: “Altinet listened to what we were looking to achieve by implementing a new solution and then presented one product which ticked all the boxes.”

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