Altinet Help Leeds United FC Secure Emails


  • Leeds United Football Club
  • Located at Elland Road Stadium
  • Capacity of 37,890

LUFC, formed in 1919, is a professional association football club, having won three English league titles, one FA Cup, one League Cup and two Inter-Cities Fair Cups.

Leeds United’s stomping ground at Elland Road Stadium has a capacity of 37,890 and it is England’s 12th largest football ground and the fourth biggest outside of the Premier League.

  • Limited security for Advanced Threats
  • Increase in harmful and malicious attachments
  • Vulnerable to data leaks
  • Unprepared for Mail Server errors
  • Possible Compliance issues 

Altinet Managed Email Security

  • Encrypt messages
  • Latest Advanced Threat Protection technology
  • Spool emails if mail servers become unavailable
  • DoS prevention
  • Policy management
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Datasheet: Altinet Managed Email Security


Advanced Protection Needed

As a prime target for cyber attacks, Leeds United FC had basic spam and virus protection on top of their emails to secure from anything and everything coming into their network, but such a large and public organisation must concern themselves with advanced threats, which in turn requires advanced threat protection.

IT Manager Mark Broadley and his team recognised a need for a more advanced approach to their email security after seeing an increase in the amount of harmful and malicious attachments still coming into their mailboxes.


Complete Email Management Solution

Altinet Managed Email Security is a cloud based service that blocks email-borne threats, whilst also providing extra features needed to achieve business continuity. As a complete email management solution, Altinet Managed Email not only lets organisations encrypt messages and leverage the cloud to spool email if mail servers become unavailable, but it also includes the latest Barracuda ATP technology.

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Comprehensive, reliable protection against attacks like ransomware and advanced persistent threats require a layered approach with progressively sophisticated defence techniques that balance accurate threat detection with fast response times. This is why Altinet integrated the most advanced threat protection technology into our email security solution to be able to provide a complete email security solution that is affordable, scalable and reliable.

Not only the technology, but choosing a Managed Service was important for LUFC to enable them to have unlimited access to the best resource, skill and expertise that comes with partnering with a managed service provider.



Keeping in touch with its roots, LUFC wanted a technology partner who was well in tune with where the club came from and what it wanted to achieve. Altinet is a Leeds based company providing innovative and progressive cyber security, ensuing expert advice that serves the business needs of their customers. Mark Broadley and his team found Altinet a good fit not only for their local roots, but also for their expert team and skills that enable LUFC to always be at the forefront of technology and protection against advanced threats in real-time.


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Solution Brief: Barracuda Solutions for Email Security


Afterimplementing Altinet Managed Email, LUFC had 8,470 malicious emails blocked by the ATP feature within Altinet’s solution. Not only the significant reduction in malicious emails coming through the system, but also reduced the admin time Mark and his team faced before implementing a managed service.