Wellington Academy Trust Save Vital Time & Costs With Altinet Managed Email Security


The Wellington Academy Trust includes two schools; The Wellington Academy, a secondary school and state boarding school for students aged 11-18, and Wellington Primary Academy for pupils up to age 11, including The Nest Nursery.

The Trust's core vision for the Tidworth and Ludgershall communities is:

  • To provide an outstanding holistic education
  • To raise aspiration of the children at its schools and, by extension, their families
  • To provide outstanding pathways to employment
  • To strengthen the community around its schools


  • Extensive and Time Consuming Labour for the IT Team
  • Large Amounts of Spam Mail 
  • Some Malicious Emails Entering the Inbox
  • Lack of Encryption

Altinet Managed Email Security:

  • Fast Deployment
  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Email Encryption
  • Fully Scalable



Spam & Malicious Emails

Before reaching out to Altinet, Wellington Academy Trust were dealing with "extensive labour within the IT team" trying to oversee all of their quarantined emails due to strict security policies in place. The team reported a large amount of spam emails filling their junk folder, as well as more spam and phishing emails even making it to their main inbox. 

Being an educational trust committed to protecting the information of their students, and wanting to save IT resources for more demanding tasks, IT Director Simon Chappell searched for a solution that would offer email threat protection - "especially Zero-Hour Threat Prevention" - as well as email encryption for GDPR compliance. 

"The Encryption tools make email data security compliance much easier to achieve."

The team also required a fully scalable solution to ensure that future company growth wouldn't be held back - this feature being especially important during the time of implementation due to the building of their 3rd school, Wellington Eagles Primary. 

Following the implementation of Altinet's Managed Email Security the team saw a quick reduction in IT overhead, taking them from 2 hours per day spent sifting through quarantined emails to 0, allowing them to focus their time and efforts on more important areas. The team also noticed a huge decrease in unwanted emails, with virtually zero spam entering their inbox & a "greatly reduced fear of email threats getting inside the network".


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Best Practices for Protecting Against Phishing, Ransomware & Email Fraud
This is a cost effective solution with a high level of support. Technical input from the internal IT team is minimal and the advantages as a protection for email and therefore your network as a whole make this an essential tool in the ongoing battle against email-borne attacks.

Simon Chappell IT Director



First Rate Support

The initial implementation of the solution took only 48 hours, ensuring there was no noticeable interruption to business 

continuity, plus a few tweaks and improvements added afterwards once the IT team became familiar with the advantages of the system and how exactly they wanted it to perform. 

Support was first rate," Simon reported.
"The team jumped on any queries we had and resolved them quickly and efficiently."  



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Barracuda Solutions for Email Security

About Altinet Managed Email Security

Cloud solutions are ideal for IT professionals who are looking for consolidation and cost savings. Altinet’s Managed Email Security Solution is a comprehensive solution that blocks email-borne attacks, whilst also providing the extra features needed to ensure business continuity.

As a complete email management solution, Altinet Managed Email lets organisations encrypt messages and leverage the cloud to spool email if mail servers become unavailable.

Comprehensive Protection for the Long Term
Our Managed Email Security Gateway includes spam and virus blocking, data protection, email continuity, DoS prevention, encryption, and policy management – combined to deliver a complete solution. As new requirements emerge, it is automatically updated with new capabilities to ensure continuous protection.
Complete Email Threat Protection
We provide multi-layer security, email continuity, and data leakage prevention. Advanced Threat Protection combines behavioural, heuristic, and sandboxing technologies to protect against zero-hour, targeted attacks and ransomware.
Simple Yet Secure Email Encryption
Our cloud-based approach to email encryption ensures that keys are stored centrally. Key management happens automatically without any added overhead for either users or administrators.
Affordable & Easy to Use
Fast, easy set-up and simple, our fully managed solution allows you to have all the control that you require, whilst our team provide the security, expertise and maintenance. All of our solutions are fully scalable, which means our customers can increase their user count as they grow.