Altinet Managed Email Security helps William Hulme tackle inbound threats

  • William Hulme Grammar School
  • Includes primary, secondary & sixth form education
  • Located in Manchester
  • 1200 users - 250 staff and 950 pupils

William Hulme is a unique grammar school, educating children and young people from the ages of 3 up to 18 on one school site, made up of a primary school, secondary school, and a sixth form.

The school has a long-standing reputation as a successful independent school, and are now at the forefront of educational change as a United Learning Academy.

  • Time consuming IT management
  • Large amounts of inbound spam
  • Lack of protection against Ransomware & other advanced threats
  • Poor Office 365 data security

Altinet Managed Email Protection

  • Fully managed solution
  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Spam Filter
  • Email Encryption
  • Highly Rated Technical Support


Preventing Spam & Ransomware

William Hulme were in need of an email security solution that could offer more reliable and advanced protection for their Office 365 environment, as their security at the time was not up to standards to prevent inbound attacks. Upon first discussions with Altinet, Antonino - William Hulme's Deputy ICT Services Manager - made it clear that their main priorities were stopping Spam and Ransomware attacks, which were making their way into school inboxes at an increasing rate. Unfortunately for William Hulme and many other schools, the confidential nature of the data they hold on students makes them prime targets for advanced ransomware attacks, but Antonino and the rest of the IT team were able to identify this high-risk threat and search for a suitable solution before suffering any damages. 

Altinet Managed Email Security (AMES) effectively addressed both of these concerns, with key features including a Spam Filter and Advanced Threat Protection. The Advanced Threat Protection feature in particular was extremely beneficial to the school, with the team seeing a massive reduction in attempted ransomware attacks and other inbound threats shortly after their implementation of the solution. 


Spear Phishing Report
Spear Phishing: Top Threats and Trends

Implementing AMES has allowed us to effectively mitigate our key email concerns, with Advanced Threat Protection in particular being a vital asset for protecting our emails and data. 

After seeing the success and reliability of the solution in terms of both technical and commercial aspects, we have now rolled it out to another three schools within our cluster.


Antonino Aiello Deputy ICT Services Manager, William Hulme Grammar School

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Additional Benefits

On top of addressing the key issues that William Hulme were facing with their email security, Altinet Managed Email Security also includes a variety of additional features that have benefited the school in other areas. As a school committed to the well-being of their students, Email Encryption gave them peace of mind for protecting sensitive student information as well as making data protection compliance "a much simpler process"

As a managed service, AMES also reduced IT overhead in regards to checking through quarantined emails, allowing the team to focus their time and efforts on other key areas and increase overall productivity. 


Exceptional Support

As a cloud-based solution, deployment was a fast and simple process, with eachPicture1-1 step of the implementation process clearly outlined by Altinet's in-house technical team. "We received exceptional support from Altinet's technical team," stated Antonino. "Although we never experienced any significant issues during implementation, any time we got in touch with queries or concerns we were met with timely & expertly-explained responses."



Altinet Managed Email Security

From filtering out spam to tackling more sophisticated threats with sandboxing technologies, Altinet's Managed Email Gateway offers complete email threat protection for the long term with effortless management and the ability to scale the solution as your business grows. AMES is well-received by corporations and academies alike, offering an easy to use 'all-in-one' email solution, as well as our highly rated in-house support. 


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For more information on Altinet Managed Email Security, visit the product page here or download the datasheet below.


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