Defend Your Business Against Social-Engineering Attacks

Evolving phishing and other sophisticated attacks can slip through security gateways and are to designed to manipulate employees into putting your business at risk for data loss, financial fraud, and embarrassing exposure. 

With PhishLine, you guard against every feature of social engineering threats with continuous simulation and training for employees, exposing them to the latest attack techniques to teach them how to identify and prevent future attempts.


White Paper

White Paper: Combating the Threat of User Error & Security Awareness



training to make it engaging and relevant to your users

Choose from hundreds of easy-to-use simulation templates, landing pages, risk assessment surveys, and engaging multi-lingual training content in the online PhishLine Content Center Marketplace™. 

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human risk factors in a non-threatening manner

Back-end analysis capabilities lead to a unique and powerful assessment tool that quantifies risk by impact and likelihood scores. You can objectively evaluate your organisation's human-risk factor based on meaningful feedback from your employees.



your business with content that guards against latest threats

With PhishLine, there’s no need to recycle the same old training and testing materials. The Content Center Marketplace is constantly updated by security experts to reflect the newest threats and the training resources available to protect your business.

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incident response & get access to threat insights

Barracuda Forensics and Incident Response automates incident response and provides remediation options to address issues faster and more efficiently. Admins can send alerts to impacted users and remove malicious email directly from their inboxes with a couple of clicks.